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This is a introduction to using flash for animation purposes, this guide will focus on what you need to do for output to video or image sequences.

Wiki Based Guide

Setting up your document is very important, must be either 720x576 (dv pal 4:3) or 1920x1080 (HD 16:9) and both should be set as 25fps.

All you objects should be converted to symbols and you should only use the Graphic Symbol when creating for Video or Image Sequences.


What frame rate should I set my projects to ?
25fps for Digital Video
12fps is fine for the web


Lip Sync tip..

What about copyright for sounds etc ?
Why not check out Creative Commons licensed works, see links below.


How to Cheat in Flash CS3 (book)
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Animation World Network TV

NIN Ghosts
NIN theslip
Search for Creative Commons work

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