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TechShop:Guide on using the Print Booklet feature in InDesign

The Print Booklet feature lets you create what is known as printer spreads. For example, if you’re working on an 8-page booklet, the pages appear in sequential order in your layout window. However, in printer spreads, page 2 is positioned next to page 7, so that when the two pages are printed on the same sheet, folded, and collated, the pages end up in the correct order. The process of creating printer spreads from layout spreads is called imposition.

Before printing your work consider the paper size that you will use. For example a double page spread of an A5 booklet will be A4. This doesn't allow for the printers margins - the area of paper around the edge that the printer cannot print on. So in this instance you will have to print onto A3 and trim to size.

When printing double-sided the back-up artwork is unlikely to align perfectly. Instead of the usual 3mm bleed which is the industry standard it may be useful to increase this to 4mm to allow for movement of the paper whilst printing on the laser printers at WSA.


  • Open your InDesign Document
  • File > Print Booklet
  • Choose 2-up Saddle Stitch in the 'Booklet Type' drop down menu
  • Click on the 'Print Settings' button
  • Choose PostScript File from the 'Printer' drop down menu
  • Ensure if you have any blank pages in your booklet that 'Print Blank Pages' is ticked
  • Under 'Setup' choose your paper size. Orientation should be landscape. Page Position: Centered
  • Under 'Marks and Bleed' you may want to add crop marks if your booklet has a lot of white space as they will help when trimming down. Tick 'Use Document Bleed Settings' if you have entered bleed into the 'Document Setup' and have added bleed to your work
  • Click on the 'OK' button. Back in the 'Print Booklet' dialogue box you can click on the Preview area this will let you review color thumbnails of the printer spreads. You can also see the printer’s marks you’ve specified in the Print dialog box
  • Click the 'Print' button to create a Postscript (.ps) file of your work.
  • View a short summary of the Print Booklet feature in Indesign below:

Printing your booklet:

  • Open your Postscript file or PDF file in Acrobat Distiller or Preview
  • File > Print
  • Select your desired Print queue in the 'Printer' drop down menu
  • Check the paper size is correct and the Orientation is Landscape
  • Click on the Menu where is says 'Preview' and scroll down and choose 'Layout'
  • Select 2 sided printing
  • Select Short Edge Binding
  • Click the Print button

Saving your Postscript booklet as a PDF File:

  • Open your Postscript file in Acrobat Distiller or Preview
  • File > Export > Ensure format is PDF > Click Save


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