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These two session's are designed to introduce Adobe Illustrator and the basic commands to start using the programme.
‘Adobe Illustrator software allows you to create sophisticated artwork for virtually any medium.’

The first session is informative and the second session is hands on. During this sessions you will learn to set up and create vector artwork in Adobe Illustrator. It is recommended you take notes and follow along on your own desktop.


Apply common concepts - Edit > Copy etc.
Use/Play with the Application !
Complete any tutorials you can, the skills will come in handy


Inkscape -
VectorDesigner -

The Sessions

Illustrator Part 1: (60mins)

Learning outcomes :
- students will learn what Illustrator is used for
- students will see AI examples
- students will be introduced to the AI interface
- students will be shown how to manipulate basic objects

Session Notes :
- Explain what is vector
- Point to this document
- highlight links Vector Tuts & Bittbox
- Open sample (cool extras folder) illustrator files - compare - pixels & vector
- demonstrate the differences
- Creating a new document
- basic intro to interface CS5
- Create basic shape (students follow along) - explain stroke, fill , objects and anchors
- Open selecting and manipulating file
- Demo Arrow tools for selecting - demo scale rotate object and anchors
- Outline view

Illustrator Part 2 : (105mins)

Learning outcomes :
- students will learn what the components that make up AI objects
- students will learn layers in AI
- students will be shown how to build shapes in AI
- students will be given pointers to more complex shape creation
- demo of Live Trace
- how to Save as PDF

Session Notes :
- Open layers and objects file
- demo layers and objects
- move water to its own layer and move layer (little red box)
- arranging objects
- Grouping, duplicating and isolation mode
- get students to make a robot and create layers and arrange objects
- Using the appearance panel
- graphics styles
- Making shapes.
- Create blank documents & make geo Shapes students to follow along
- Stars (shortcuts - arrow keys, command, alt and shift etc)
- Geometric videos
- Compound Paths
- also demo Clipping Masks (placing photos on artboard)
- Pathfinder more complex shape combining and editing
- demo making a flower using ellipses
- reiterate the idea is to build complex shapes from simple shapes (not use the pen tool)
- Pen tool
- adding/removing anchors
- Using the pen tool from scratch
- demo live trace, live paint
- text - use indesign really (but if time permits mention)
- Output to PDF - and reiterate good save procedures
- Show clips from documentary of illustrator in use


Vector Tuts
BittBox CS5 1-1 - Illustrator 1987

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