Looping Layers Using Expressions

After Effects: Looping Layers Using Expressions

This guide will give you step-by-step instructions to looping layers in a composition using expressions.

Expressions allow you to do some very powerful things very easily, and there are some especially for looping layers.


  1. Create a simple animation on a layer using a couple of keyframes. The layer in the image has Rotation animated from 0 to 180 using two keyframes:
  2. Select the animated property (e.g. Rotation) and choose Animation > Add Expression
  3. Type loopOut("cycle") in the expression field and click outside the field to confirm:
  4. Trying playing or RAM Preview the composition and you will find that the layer will now loop until it ends by repeating the animation between the keyframes

Other variations to try

  • loopOut("pingpong")
  • loopOut("offset")
  • loopOut("continue")


  • Try searching After Effects Help for loopout - you will find more info about using the above expressions as well as many other exciting expressions to try out!


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