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You should always backup your own work. (make a duplicate copy) One very good way is to save your work to CD or DVD. This can be kept safe and refered to at any point. At WSA on the macs we have included a opensource application called Burn, these adds to the Macs build in burning features in one nice interface, all WSA macs can burn cd's and dvd's, we recommend CD-R and DVD-R Discs.


Step 1: Launch Burn (in Applications), you will now be presented with the empty Burn window.Empty_Burn.png

Step 2: Change Untitled to a sensible name for your disc and select the file system type you require. (Mac + PC for CD-R data discs, DVD(UDF) for a DVD data disc or even DVD-Video)

Step 3: Drag and drop the files you wish to save onto your disc into the blue and white striped area or click the + symbol and browse to your folder or file.

Step 4: Click Burn.

Step 5: Click the expand option (the blue arrow next to Burn Disc in) If you wish to add more files to this disc at a latter date turn on leave disc appendable. (only for CD-R discs)

Step 6: Click Burn.

Step 7: Wait for disc to burn and mount on the desktop, job done.


How often should I back up my work ?
As often as you want ! The more the better but make sure you have a system you can stick with, so if its once a week make sure you keep to it!
I have set leave disc appendable but when I click burn for the first time my Disc is ejected ?
This is because finder has mounted (put the disk on the desktop) before it knew you wanted to add to the disk, if you reinsert the disc, burn will then inform you that the disc is ready for burning.


Use DVD-R Discs as an archive format as you can save almost 5gb onto one disc you could use this to save all the work from semester one onto one backup Disc.
Use the leave disc appendable for you CD-R discs so you can keep adding to the disk, maybe you backup all your work once a week, name each session Week 1,2,3 for easy review.


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