How big is my File? (Mac)

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On many occasions students find they cannot copy files to there student storage or to a memory stick, due to the fact there is not enough space to copy the item over, this is how to find out how much space you file takes up before you try to back it up or move it around.


  • Within Finder click once on the file/folder you wish to examine
  • Click File > Get info (cmd-i)
  • Read the Size value from the get info window.


I have a 1gb memory stick and i cannot copy my file onto it even though its size is smaller than 1gb?
Make sure you have emptied the trash, the trash is carried around with the memory stick and you need to empty it to get the space back from files you have deleted


If you need to get info on a number of files or folders, select the files/folders and press the following cmd-alt-i


Mac 101
10.4 Mac 101

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