We now have two kiosk Macs (28.03.11) So students can now access the entire training library on campus anytime !

This fantastic news (I am a little over excited about this) the library consist of over 998 courses and 60,555 tutorials organized by subject, software, and instructor. Here is a video about About

The focus is on how to use creative software like Adobe Illustrator , Indesign, Photoshop but there is lots lots more. If you want to learn software this is (as far as Im concerned) the best way to do so. for a sample just visit (over 10% is free anyway)

Here is an example of a basic photoshop course, 1 out of 22 on CS5 (yes 22 just on the latest version there is 116 on Photoshop itself) - and this one course (on basics) is 15 hours long ! Photoshop CS5 1-1 Fundementals

How do you view the entire Library

You need to use the following macs and visit from Safari or Firefox

Mac Suite - 2085 Eastside Mac B63-R2085-W20
Graphics Studio - 3003 Eastside Mac B63-R3003-w06

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