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TechShop:Dragon Frame

For Stop Frame Animation. This software program is located in the Time Based Media Suite.


Figure everything out before shooting, this will make the process easier and faster.
Figure out if you want to shoot in ones or twos, twos are where one drawing or photo lasts for two frames of video running 24 frames per second, so there are only 12 photos or drawing being shown every second. Ones are where one drawing or photo lasts for one frame of video running 24 frames per second. You can produce threes, fours etc for clunkier animation.
Make sure your camera is secure, use a tripod if you can.
Make sure your lighting is consistent. Using video lights will help as daylight changes.
Use manual settings on your camera, you will want consistent results. If your aperture, shutter speed, focus or ISO changes with out your knowledge, your animation will not look good! Especially with focus, as any change in focus can create a slight zoom effect.


DragonFrame Tutorials


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