Flatbed Printing Guide

What can it do?

Produces top quality inkjet printed work for indoor and outdoor applications on rigid substrates such as glass, wood, dibond (aluminium faced substrate), acrylic, exhibition panels. Can also print on fabrics, paper, card.

There are lots of different types of effect that can be achieved with this machine. White ink is available, allowing for white to be printed underneath to enhance the visiblity of artwork on certain materials, or it can be used standalone. Clear ink is also available, allowing for a glossy shine to be added on top of artwork, or to just aid in protection. It's also possible to print multiple layers of ink to create embossing effects.

The max printable area is: 710 x 510mm.

The max material size is: 730 x 530mm.

The max material height is: 150mm.

The max material weight is: 30kg.


You will need to upload your work via SnoWhite choosing the UV Flatbed Printing option, select one of our material options or supply your chosen material for printing to Creative Services Centre.

It is advised that students discuss their ideas with the CSC technicians prior to purchasing materials to ensure the desired results are achievable.

  • Materials must be 100% flat with no warping.
  • Artwork that goes fully to the edge of the material will require bleed.
  • White or Clear Ink when combined with colour should either be a separate file or a labelled spot colour.
  • If you are using Photoshop you must ensure your file is FLAT.

What is Bleed?

Bleed is the extra area outside of a finished document that designers allow if they want images butted up to the edge of the page. 5mm is ideal for flatbed printing.

Uploading to SnoWhite


  1. Login with your University username.
  2. Go to SUBMIT FILE and select CHOOSE FILE. You must upload a PDF. If you have multiple files that are going on the same media you can combine your PDFs using Acrobat or Preview; see this guide. Please ensure the PDF version is no higher than 1.4 (Acrobat 5.0).
  3. Select the TYPE and MEDIA. Selecting different types will filter the media drop-down.
  4. COPIES. By default it is set to 1, adjust if you need more.
  5. Media specific:
    1. LENGTH (Fabric only). Input the exact length of your artwork.
    2. MOUNTED (Paper only). To have your print mounted on foamboard, at extra cost.
    3. BLACK INK (CTF only). Choose between 'Matt Black' and 'Photo Black'
  6. ADD COMMENT. Add any relevant notes, or leave blank.
  7. Click SUBMIT JOB. Your file should start uploading.

Paying for SnoWhite Jobs

First you must upload your job(s). Then you must wait for an admin to create a payment reference for your job(s). You should receive a notification email to indicate this, or you can check your SnoWhite MY PRINTS for a pending payment reference.


  1. Login with your University username.
  2. Go to MY PRINTS.
  3. Under the heading 'Pending Payments' you should see any pending payment references.
  4. Click PAY HERE.
  5. You will be taken to the Online Store where you must input the cost, add it to your basket and proceed to the checkout to pay for the job(s).
  6. After you have paid, a SnoWhite admin will cross reference your payment against your reference on SnoWhite to ensure the correct amount has been paid and then set the reference to 'Paid' and any associated jobs will be moved to 'Processing'.

Collecting SnoWhite Jobs

When your jobs are complete they will have the 'Printed' status in SnoWhite. At the same time you should receive an email confirming this.

You will need to follow the link in your email, or any of the links in SnoWhite, to go to our bookings page where you can book a collection slot to come and pick up your work.

Please do not attempt to access the Creative Services Centre at any time without a valid booking at the correct time; we are open by appointment only.

Link to our Bookings page

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