Flatbed Printing Guide

What can it do?

Produces top quality wide format inkjet printwork for indoor and outdoor applications on rigid substrates such as glass, wood, dibond (aluminium faced substrate), acrylic, mirrored acrylic, exhibition panels up to 45mm thick.


You will need to upload your work via SnoWhite choosing the generic flatbed option and then supply your chosen material for printing to Creative Services Centre.

It is advised that students discuss their ideas with the CSC technicians prior to purchasing materials to ensure the desired results are achievable.

  • Materials must be 100% flat with no warping.
  • Artwork that goes fully to the edge of the material will require bleed.
  • White Ink must be 100% magenta in the artwork or a labelled spot colour
  • If you are using Photoshop you must ensure your file is FLAT.

Uploading to SnoWhite


  3. Select UPLOAD PDF and find your PDF. If you have multiple files that are going on the same paper type you can combine your PDFs using Adobe Acrobat or Preview on Mac, see this guide.
  4. Select the TYPE.
  5. Select the MEDIA.
  6. Adjust the COPIES. By default it will be 1.
  7. If you have more info to provide then you can ADD COMMENT.
  8. Finally, SUBMIT JOB.
  9. Check your Snowhite MY PRINTS for up to date comments and details about the status of your prints; also make sure to keep check your emails in case we need to contact you regarding your prints.
  10. You must check MY PAYMENTS for payment references associated with your jobs, in order to pay for them before they are produced.

Paying for SnoWhite Jobs

First you must upload your job(s). Then you must wait for the technicians to create a payment reference for your job(s). You should receive a notification email to indicate this, or you can check your SnoWhite MY PAYMENTS.

  3. Click VIEW REF on the relevant payment reference.
  4. At the top of the payment details are the payment instructions. You must provide the exact listed information (USERNAME, PAYMENT ID, TOTAL COST) and follow the link at CLICK HERE TO PAY to go through to the Online Store where you can then pay.

What is Bleed?

Bleed is the extra area outside of a finished document that designers allow if they want images butted up to the edge of the page. 5mm is ideal for flatbed printing.

External Printing

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