Health & Safety (Risk Assessment forms and guidance)

It is the duty of all students to work in a safe & healthy manner and to have a duty of care unto yourself and others.
Please ensure that you are aware of the relevant health & safety requirements for all activities that you undertake during you study.


Through out WSA each area has a code of practice and a outlines how you should behave and act within each area. Here is a list of all the Codes of Practice within WSA. We suggest you get familiar with the ones that relate directly to you.

Codes of Practice will be displayed near the entrance of every area.

Documents and Links

PAT (testing electrical equipment)
Policy for use of Common Areas (word doc)

Project Proposal Form (word doc)
Risk Assessment Form (2013) (word doc)

Project Proposal & Risk Assessment workflow (PDF)

Older Forms

Risk Assessment Form (old) (word doc)
Risk Assessment Tool 2011 (excel doc)

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