Sculpture Yard Code of Practice

Sculpture Yard Specific Code of Practice

Please help us to keep the yard area clean and tidy and protect your health and the environment.

  • You must complete a Yard project proposal form and have it agreed by one of the Sculpture Technicians (Andrew Brook & Chris Carter, 1049 eastside, extn 26934 or 26935) before starting any work in, removing or storing materials in the sculpture yard. Unauthorized projects and materials will be disposed of.
  • The yard must be used as an outdoor assembling area, and for working with processes unsuitable for indoors. It is not intended for long-term storage. Please book a space from the technicians before starting work.
  • You should clearly label your work and your materials to avoid them being taken/disposed of. Labels should be non-perishable and waterproof.
  • After you have completed your projects you must dispose of any unwanted work, materials and equipment, and leave the space clear and tidy.
  • Use the correct skip for the correct waste. The skips are for the disposal of, paper/cardboard, metal and general waste and are clearly signed. They are sited at the far end of the yard. Dismantle mixed media work before disposal.
  • Tins of waste liquid paint, resin and varnish must be given to the technicians and not put into the skips.
  • Organic, fabric, paper, food and other perishable materials cannot be stored in the yard.
  • No flammable materials, timber etc, should be stored within 20 feet of the building or underneath the fire escape steps. The yellow chevron marked walkways are a fire escape and need to be kept clear.
  • Do not put electrical waste in the skips. It should be logged and put into the green W.E.E.E. shed. (Please see Karen Stapleford in the estates office for the Log and store key).
  • Do not leave material lying by or in front of the skips. See a technician if you need help to dispose of something.

Failure to comply with these points will result in disciplinary action.


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