Help with techShop:Wiki

How to get around the techShop:Wiki

As the wiki grows it can be rather dawnting to look at a huge list of guides like this and so searching for the information you need is paramount.

The Tag cloud

Whatever page you are on the tag cloud is every present on the left hand side, this lists words tagged on each page ever created and the weight (size) represents the number of times the tag has been used, these words are added by the user as they edit the page. By clicking on a word in the cloud you will be taken to a list of pages that contain this tag. The downside is they must be added by a real person.

The Search field

The search field sits at the top right of the wiki and allows you to search for keywords found in any of the pages generated so if a page has "printing" written on it but has not been tagged with printing you should still be able to find relevant pages.

Recent Changes

On the top left is a link to recent changes this will show you the current changes made everywhere in the wiki, also from the home page you can see on the right current activity within the wiki including recent forum posts, so if you are looking for the latest additions or discussions this would be a good place to look.

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