iDVD: Making A Looping DVD

iDVD: Making a looping DVD

This guide will give you step-by-step instructions to making a looping DVD using iDVD.


  1. Make sure you have your film saved as a Quicktime movie (.mov or .dv). See the Techshop Guides for iMovie 06 for how to share your edited film as a Quicktime movie.
  2. Open iDVD and create a new project.
  3. Click the map button to view the map layout of the DVD:
  4. Open a Finder window and locate your Quicktime movie.
  5. Drag your Quicktime movie into the 1st box in the DVD map:
  6. Click your film in the map view to select it:
  7. Choose Advanced > Loop Movie.
  8. Choose File > Save.
  9. Insert a blank DVD.
  10. Finally, click the burn button and click OK or Continue to any messages or warnings that appear:


Q: What type of disc do I need?
A: For single use: DVD+R or DVD-R. To re-use the disc: DVD+RW or DVD-RW. iDVD will automatically erase the disc before re-using it.

Q: Can the menu be deleted from the DVD map?
A: No. iDVD always includes a menu on the disc. Following the instructions above effectively bypasses the menu, although you can still get to it by pressing the Menu or Title buttons on the DVD player's remote control. You may wish to customise the menu with your name, name of film, date, etc and add your own background image.

Q: What is encoding?
A: Encoding is the process of converting the video and audio clips to a format that is compatible with a DVD player.


  • Make sure you save your iDVD project to a location where there is enough free space to allow iDVD to encode the video before burning the disc.
  • If you are not sure if there is enough free space, save the project in Macintosh HD > Local. You can copy it back from here after burning the disc.


  • If the disc fails to burn due to an encoding error, save the project in Macintosh HD > Local and try again - the disc should still be blank. This occurs because there wasn't enough free space in the location that the project was saved in (e.g. My Documents) for iDVD to encode the video to the required format before burning the disc.


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