Share As Quicktime Movie

iMovie 06: Sharing your film as a Quicktime movie

This guide will give you step-by-step instructions to sharing your film from iMovie 06 as a Quicktime movie.


  1. Edit your film as required. See the links below for more info on how to use iMovie 06.
  2. Choose Share > Quicktime.
  3. Set Compress movie for: Full Quality:
  4. Click Share.
  5. Name the Quicktime movie and choose where to save it.
  6. Click Save.


Q: What type of file does this create?
A: This saves the film as a Quicktime movie with the .dv file extension.

Q: How big will the file be?
A: That depends on the length of the film - about 220MB per minute.

Q: What format is the Quicktime movie?
A: It is saved using the DV compressor and will have the same TV standard as the iMovie project - either PAL or NTSC.

Q: Can I save it as a different format?
A: Yes. You can choose a different setting instead of Full Quality. For the complete choice, choose Expert Settings.


  • You should use the Full Quality setting when sharing your film to put on a DVD.
  • The Full Quality setting keeps your film at the same quality level as it is in iMovie. The other preset settings will give a smaller file size but with lower quality.


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