Using Video over the Network

When not using the time based media mac's it is very important that you know how to save video work using iMovie.
Your network account allows you to have your own network storage but does not have the bandwidth(speed) to enable video editing and this will normally crash iMovie and could take up all your storage before you notice.

To avoid these problems you must use the capacity and speed of the internal storage space on the mac you are sat at.(the internal harddrive)

  • Open iMovie
  • Click Create a New Project or File>New
  • Click the down blue arrow to expand the finder window and locate the folder named Local (this should be easly located by just clicking on Macintosh HD - Local (its orange))
  • Click into the Local folder and click new folder (rename this to your name or student ID)
  • Click Create
  • Your Project will now be saved to the machine you are sat at on the internal storage.

Once you have finished for the day or at any time you may wish to transfer you project to cd, dvd or onto you network storage for later alterations and editing.
To save onto cd or dvd click File > Burn Project to Disk you will then be prompted for a cd or dvd.
To save to your network folder do the following

You should do this as a backup of your Project as well as everyone has access to the Local folder.

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