Inkjet Printing Guide

Exporting from Photoshop

You must ensure your document is FLAT before you export it, layers may drastically alter the colour and quality of your print.

Once you have completed artworking your work and you are ready to export it:

  1. In Photoshop go to LAYER and then FLATTEN IMAGE. This is the only correct way to ensure your file is flat. Your only layer will be labelled 'Background' and will have a lock next to it.
  2. Go to FILE and then SAVE AS.
  3. In the format drop down select PHOTOSHOP PDF. And then click SAVE.
  4. In the ADOBE PDF PRESET select HIGH QUALITY PRINT. And then click SAVE PDF.

Please also ensure you pdf is sized correctly, as it is your responsibility to make sure the file uploaded to Snowhite is at the dimensions you want printed.

  1. In Photoshop go to IMAGE and then IMAGE SIZE. Here you can modify the dimensions of your file.

Exporting from InDesign

Before you export it is important to make sure all your image and text LINKS are intact, otherwise your pdf will only provide the low quality preview images. Check this by going to WINDOW and LINKS.

Once you are ready to export:

  1. In InDesign go to FILE and then EXPORT.
  2. In the FORMAT drop down select ADOBE PDF (PRINT). And then click SAVE.
  3. In the ADOBE PDF PRESET select HIGH QUALITY PRINT. And then click SAVE PDF.

Exporting from Illustrator

Once you are ready to export:

  1. In Illustrator go to FILE and then SAVE AS.
  2. In the FORMAT drop down select ADOBE PDF (pdf).
  3. In the ADOBE PDF PRESET select HIGH QUALITY PRINT. Untick ‘Optimize for Fast Web View’. And then click SAVE PDF.

Uploading to Snowhite

Top up your ETILL and upload to SNOWHITE.

  1. LOGIN
  3. Select CHOOSE FILE and find your PDF. If you have multiple files that are going on the same paper type you can combine your PDFs using Adobe Acrobat or Preview on Mac, see this guide.
  4. Select the PAPER TYPE or SERVICE. All CSC papers & services are located on the bottom half of the list. Select a custom size if your paper doesn't fit to an A size. You will be charged at a per metre rate, so if your print uses the full width of the roll and half a metre of length you will be charged at 0.5 of the per metre rate.
  5. Change the number of copies for that pdf, if you need more than 1 copy.
  6. Add any relevant comments such as the desired colour profile or any exact dimensions, if a custom setting is selected.
  7. Now you can click SUBMIT JOB FOR PRINT.
  8. Check your Snowhite MY PRINTS for up to date comments and details about the status of your prints. Also make sure to keep an eye on your emails in case we need to contact you regarding your prints.

Important Information

Ensure you have topped up your etill BEFORE uploading to Snowhite. Otherwise your print may be delayed to the end of the queue, even if you top up soon after uploading.

When exporting to PDF scale your work to the exact dimensions you want printed. Snowhite does NOT automatically resize your work. Please consult with a CSC technician prior to uploading if you need help.

We generally print your work with corner crop marks and we do not trim the majority of the work we print. However we can make exceptions for particularly large and mounted work. We can also assist with teaching correct trimming procedure.

Our inkjet machines are not made for large cut sheet print runs, most of our paper is on a roll. Please consult with a CSC technician before uploading if you intend to make items like magazines, booklets, leaflets and business cards. The University’s Southampton Print Centre is a good alternative for this type of printing.

When selecting a custom setting ignore the cost, as it is predicting the per metre pricing. So if you upload a 15 page pdf the price will be way beyond what you will actually end up paying.

Print jobs can take up to 2 working days from submission date to complete. Laser cutting and Flatbed jobs can take up to a week to complete. During peak periods, such as hand in, this time can increase.

External Printing

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