Intaglio Resources

Intaglio is the family of printmaking techniques in which the image is incised into a surface and the incised line or sunken area holds the ink. The incised image can be created through manual means such as in Drypoint, Engraving and Collograph; or etching techniques such as hard ground and aquatint. Etching specifically refers to techniques where the image is incised by means of acid rather than manual means.

Students must complete an induction in the relevant print technique before using any equipment in this workshop. If you have any questions regarding the use of the facilities or inductions, or regarding any printmaking matters please contact me via email.

Printmaking Technician: Andy Reaney email:||yenaeR.P.A


Preparing Plates For Etching & Drypoint pdf
How to prepare metal plates for drypoint or acid etching.

Preparing Plastic Plates For Drypoint pdf
Types of plastic for drypoint and how to prepare it.

Inking & Printing An Intaglio Plate pdf
The fundamentals of inking and printing etching and drypoint plates.


Drypoint Step-By-Step pdf | video
Line, texture and tone. Creating Drypoint prints.


Hard/Soft Ground Etching pdf
Covering all aspects of line etching including preparing, etching and printing etching plates.

Rosin Aquatint Process [ pdf]
Applying a traditional aquatint to a plate and step etching.

There are a number of techniques that utilise the Aquatint process. Sugar Lift [ pdf] is a painterly etching technique that enables a positive image to be etched on metal. Crayon Stop-out [ pdf] allows for an image to be drawn, in negative, onto the plate and allows for graded tones to be produced.


Photopolymer Gravure pdf
An safe alternative to traditional photogravure allowing for the reproduction of photographic image onto a specialist photopolymer coated plate.

Chine Collé [ pdf]

Photcopy Etching [ pdf]

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