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You can print immediately up to A3 Colour at WSA onto standard laser paper, you can even use your own laser paper, or laser acetates.


Step 1 You should create a PDF of your Document
Step 2 Open the PDF in Preview (Mac)
Step 3 File > Page Setup - Set the printer queue, paper size, scale (100%) and orientation
Step 4 File > Print - Select the same printer queue as Step 3
Step 5 Now Click the drop down list (Copies & Pages) Select Paper Type/Quality or Image Quality (depends on printer)
Set you paper to the type you require and set to Best and/or set the resolution to 300dpi
Step 5 Press Preview and check the layout.
Step 6 Print
Step 7 You will now need to find the printer and use the print release station.


Why do I need to convert my document to PDF ?
You will get a print that is faster, more accurate, prone to less errors and look great !
I would like doubled side (duplex) printing ?
No problem from the drop down list select Layout/Finish and pick 2 sided under print type, its that easy !
I would like do acetate printing ?
No problem select the drop down list that says Preview and change two options
Select Paper Feed then select All Pages from Bypass Tray.
Select Printer features then select Feature Sets > General 3 and under paper type pick Transparency. Please note when releasing the print locate the bypass tray on the right hand side of the device, and insert your acetate.
Jan 2010 - NOTE : iSolutions currently advise not to select Bypass Tray but just Transparency option and feed via normal tray.


  • You can collect your laser based printing from any of the printers on campus
  • If you need your print slightly larger you can scale by 15% without losing quality.


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