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Printing to the Ricoh MFDs (Multi Function Devices) at WSA
Unlike copying which is set up on the device itself, printing is controlled via the printer driver on your PC. The screen shots here are representative and may not be exactly the same as the ones on your PC.
To print from an application, select Print (usually from the File menu), select the printer you require :
WSA Black & White or WSA Colour.

pc001.jpg pc002.jpg

Click Properties, on this screen you can control the number of copies, orientation, layout, page order and whether you want to print duplex or not. You can also select colour or black and white if printing to the colour queue. (You cannot print colour on the Black and White queue).
Click Paper to select :

  • Paper Type and
  • Input Source

By selecting Fit to Print size these setting will scale an A4 document to A3 and print on A3 paper. This will degrade the quality, you should readjust your file to be the correct size.
Chose the Bypass Tray for transparencies, thin paper and other unusual media
Use Type to select transparency if you need to.

pc003.jpg pc004.jpg

When you’ve selected your required preferences, click OK, then OK

Release your job at the printer of your choice by logging on using your University username and password, selecting the job(s) you want to print and selecting Print. Don’t forget to logout from the device when you’ve finished.


  • You can collect your laser based printing from any of the printers on campus
  • If you need your print slightly larger you can scale by 15% without losing quality.



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