Confused about Printing ?

Confused about Printing ?

WSA has 2 types of printing

Self Service (Immediate)

This immediate printing allows for up to A3 Colour laser printing, you can use your own laser paper as well if you wish.


This printing that has a turn around is for specialist large format printing and is managed by staff as a bureau.
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More details and guides here

Self Service (immediate) Printer Locations

Location Max Paper Size Photocoping aswell ?
Computer Centre 1 (2083E) A3 yes
Computer Centre 2 (1017E) A3 yes
Mac Suite 1 (2085E) A3 yes
FTD Studio (2033E) A3 yes
Rotunda A3 yes
FTD Studio (2115W) A3 yes
Library (Westside) 2x A3 yes
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