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TechShop:What is SnoWhite?

SnoWhite is an online PDF submission system for Specialist Printing within WSA, in basic terms you click this link http://print.wsa.soton.ac.uk, select your PDF file, choose the SnoWhite option you wish to print via the drop down menu (you can also leave a message), and then click Submit.

You should then log into your SnoWhite Account regularly whilst waiting for your prints to check for any messages we may send regarding your PDF's status, if your print job is "On Hold" there is something wrong with your PDF.


SnoWhite is for all Large Format Paper Prints, Flat Bed Prints, Textile Prints, T-Shirt Prints, Wallpaper Prints, Dye Sublimination Prints, 3D Prints and Laser Cutting.

What follows is a basic video guide however more details and guides can be found at EdShare

For Mimaki specific consideration and colour swatches please see this guide guide

A few things to consider first

  1. SnoWhite only accepts "flattened" PDF's, please make sure you flatten any layers in Photoshop.
  2. Your PDF files for print may well be quite large in size so if you experience problems uploading work to Snowhite make sure you are NOT using WiFi when uploading.
  3. You should check your PDF looks OK before you submit it.
  4. Is it the correct size in mm or cm?
  5. Does the file have a good quality resolution viewed at 100% or actual size?
  6. Have you chosen the correct paper size to print on?
  7. For non standard paper sizes, please choose the "Custom Sized" option that is available for most papers so that we can charge you accurately.
  1. Always save your PDF using the Adobe PDF Preset: High Quality.
  2. Paper prints to the Creative Services Centre take a minimum of 2 working days from PDF submission, during Crits, Hand Ins and Shows this can extend to 6+ working days from submission.
  3. Laser Cutting and Flat Bed printing to the Creative Services Centre take a minimum of 7 working days from PDF submission, during Crits, Hand Ins and Shows this can extend to 14+ working days from submission.
  4. You must have funds available on your Snowhite account before printing commences.
  5. You must log into your SnoWhite account regularly when waiting for your prints to check for any messages we may send regarding your PDF, you are also able to send messages about your PDF to us.

The stages to your PDF status upon successful upload are as follows:
1: Queued (PDF is in the queue)
2: Processing (PDF has been viewed and is ok for printing)
3: On-Hold (PDF has errors/issues and you have been left a message via SnoWhite)
4: Printed (PDF has been printed and is ready to collect.)

Don't know how to create a PDF ? Then please read the following guide

Using SnoWhite

All WSA students must pay for their artwork jobs to SnoWhite in advance. As you submit jobs to SnoWhite you will be informed of the cost in advance to printing.

Basic Print Submission

  1. Click log in from top right menu
  2. Type in Username
  3. You can now Select from top right menu - PrintShop
  4. You will now be presented with 3 options
  5. PDF File > Which will allow you to browse to your PDF you want to Print
  6. The Output Size/Type of Print
  7. Add a Message if needs be
  8. Click Submit Job for Print

Checking Status of Print (whilst logged in)

  1. Click My Prints ( this will show the status of all Prints you have ever done)
  2. You can Click View next to each print to view details on individual jobs

Sending/Viewing Messages & Cancelling Prints (whilst logged in)

  1. Click My Prints
  2. Click View next to Print Job you wish to view messages on
  3. You can now Post Messages and read any messages from the PrintShop and also Cancel jobs you have uploaded
  4. Please note we may put a job On Hold and attach a Message as to any problem we have, so make sure you check this regularly


Where do I collect my prints from?
Fabric Prints: Mimaki Textile Printing, Room 1019E
Paper Prints, Laser Cuts, Flat Bed Prints, Wallpaper Prints, Dye Sublimination Prints: Creative Services Centre, Room 1071E


Don't forget it's spelt SnoWhite and not Snow White or Snowwhite.


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