Digital Printing
Printing on Campus could not be easier,

Laser Printing (sometimes refered to as Konica Minolta (KM) or MFD printers). (Self service)
We have two print queues 'Colour' and 'Black & White'. A well prepared PDF is the best way to print your work and all you need to do is send your PDF to the queue find any one of the printers around Campus and your file will be printed immediately. This service is for high end laser printing up to A3 for presentations of art work, colour proofs, essays and general day to day printing. There is a small Find out more - Print credits|charge]]] per print. Please note that prints will wait to be released for up to 24 hours, giving you plenty of time to find a printer ! Or just queue a few jobs up in advance.

Specialist Printing. (Bureau) - WSA 1071 Eastside (Creative Services Centre) 1017e (Computer Centre 2)
On campus we offer online submission of PDF files for either the WSA Printing services ‘Snowhite’ (large format paper or digital textile printing) or the Southampton Print Centre services both systems are convenient and easy to use. These services are for high end ink jet printing, large format, specialist papers and special items like business cards, books and more. This service is designed for high end finished products. There are varying costs depending on output. Help and more information can be obtained from the Creative Services Centre (1071e) for opening times see Shop Hours.

Winchester Printing
We also have student discount in various local printers in Winchester, so if you just require some digital snaps from your digital camera perhaps visiting the local shops may be the best and most affordable solution.

WSA Printing Tutorials and Guides

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