The Printmaking Workshop

The Printmaking Workshop provides facilities for Intaglio, Relief, Lithographic, Screenprinting and Bookbinding for students and staff on undergraduate and post graduate courses.

Workshop Hours

10:00 - 13:00 and 14:00 - 17:00 Monday - Friday

Due to social distancing and other actions put in place to keep us all safe, the workshop will be operating slightly differently to waht you may be used to.

Access will be limited to 4 users at anyone time (2 in the screenprint area and 2 in the press area) If you wish to use the facilities you will need to book a session. Please see the [ Access Timetable] for availability.

To book a session in the workshop visit: Bookings WSA_Printmaking.
Please read all the information and provide any requested information when making your booking.

If you wish to speak to me regarding any printmaking matters, in the first instance contact me through Teams - on the relevant tech support channel or by emailing me||yenaeR.P.A.
You should only come down to the workshop if; you have booked access or have a timetabled activity in the workshop.

Students must complete an induction in the relevant print technique before using any equipment in this workshop.

Please contact the technician if you have any questions regarding the use of the facilities or inductions.

Printmaking Technician: Andy Reaney email:||yenaeR.P.A

Resources on printmaking processes and techniques can be found in the main navigation under Printmaking.

Below you can find links to PDF's that provide information and links for using the printmaking facilities at WSA.

Using the Workshop During Bookable Access
Using the Screenprint Facilities
Printmaking Safety Guidelines

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