Bookbinding Resources

Some useful information and techniques to aid your understanding and development in bookbinding.

Anatomy Of A Book pdf
A brief explanation of the parts of a book and the terms used when discussing bookbinding.

Section Folds & Impositions pdf
Some typical folding and impostion layouts.

Grain Direction pdf
The most crucial bit of information when designing and making books.

Bookbinding Knots pdf
Three knots that will serve you well in your bookbinding endeavours.

How To Thread A Bookbinding Needle pdf
For a small and secure knot and less frustration!

Trimming A Book With A Scalpel pdf
How to trim a thin book at home.

Trimming A Book With The Guillotine pdf
All you need to know about getting your book trimmed on the electric guillotine.

Indesign Print Booklet Function pdf/video
Quick and easy pain-free automated imposition in Indesign.

Custom Size Printer Spreads - Indesign video/PDF driver
How to create custom size printer spreads using the Print Booklet Function.


Simple and highly versatile family of structures that can be laid out on one sheet of paper.

4 Section Folded Booklet pdf/video
An eight-page booklet created from a single sheet of paper.

Folded Booklet Variations pdf
Variations of the 4 Section Booklet.

Square Flexagon pdf/video
As close to an animated gif as a book could be, this is a fun little structure!


The pamphlet is the simplest kind of bound book. It is quick, inexpensive and an ef cient way of distributing information making it the binding of choice for zine makers, small press publishers and political organisers. The binding has countless variations and can be an elegant way to bind a notebook, book of writings or artist book.

Three-Hole Pamphlet Stitch pdf/video
A quick and simple sewn binding, suitable for notebook and small publications up to 32 pages.

Double Pamphlet pdf
The double pamphlet is created from two sections sewn as one, allowing more pages, and with a dust jacket style cover.

Single Section Case Binding pdf
Based on either of the two above bindings but with a hard cover. A perfect binding to introduce you to techniques in hard case bindings.

Pamphlet Variations pdf
Variations on the three-hole sewing pattern.


Perfect for binding drawings and ephemera or any loose sheets without the need for folding. Stab bindings provide a semi permanent sewn binding. Perfect Binding is most commonly used for magazine and low cost publications that are thicker than 8mm.It is a permanent glue binding with a soft wrap cover or hard case cover, this binding is useful for binding research files and can be done at home with no special equipment.

Four-Hole Stab Binding pdf
The beauty of this binding is its ability to be undone and rebound, allowing for additional pages to be added and changes to the pages sequence. It requires a generous inside margin and a text-weight paper as the book will not open flat.

An alternative decorative stitch for stab binding Noble Binding Sewing Pattern. The Hemp Leaf Binding Sewing Pattern is a complex stitch that builds on the Noble sewing pattern.

Perfect Binding With A Jig [ pdf/video]
How we perfect bind in the WSA Printmaking workshop. Using some specialist bookbinding equipment. This will produce the best results for finished publications and is especially suited to thicker publications.

DIY Perfect Binding [ video]
A fast and dirty method that requires no specialist equipment and can be done at home. All you need is a scalpel, ruler, glue & brush, heavy books, binding clips and scrap paper. Good for working on the fly and making mock-ups.

Soft Cover For Perfect Binding [ pdf/video]
How to attach a soft cover to a perfect bound bookblock.


A selection of coverings for storage, protection and embellishment.

Dust Jacket pdf

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