Printing Without a Press

No Heavy Machinery. No Specialist Tools…….. Some Techniques For Printmaking At Home.

Pressure Printing pdf
Pressure printing is an alternative image-making technique by which a flexible plate (stratographic matrix) is placed behind the printing paper and run over a inked surface. The resulting image is made up of a combination of haloing ink and varying degrees of pressure from the stratographic matrix.

Pochoir Printmaking pdf
Pochoir is a relatively straightforward form of reproduction: ink is brushed through a series of pre-cut stencils, each stencil representing a new layer of the image. Predominantly used to recreate paintings and watercolours in remarkably truthful imitations, it can also be used to add colour to black and white prints such as etching and relief prints and as a technique in itself as an alternative to screenprinting.

Direct Offset Monotypes pdf
A simple low tech process that can be done without a printing press. It has a fuzzy line quality and can be quick and expressive.

Burnishing - Hand Printing pdf
Relief prints can also be printed without a press. The print is made by burnishing, where the paper is gently pressed down onto the inked block and rubbed firmly. This method of printing is employed to great effect in the American and Japanese styles of relief printing.

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