Relief Print Resources

Introduction To Relief Printing pdf
A basic guide to relief printing, covering materials, tools and basic printing techniques.

Reduction Print Method [ pdf]
This method allows for multi colour images to be created from a single block.

Multiblock Print Method [ pdf]
Multi colour printing from 2 or more blocks.

Techniques For Cutting pdf
A brief overview of different cutting styles.

Burnishing - Hand Printing pdf
Useful for taking proofs during the early development of a block or, it can be employed during the printing stage allowing for a variety of tonal qualities to be pulled from a single block.


Pressure Printing pdf
Pressure printing is an alternative image-making technique by which a flexible plate (stratographic matrix) is placed behind the printing paper and run over a inked surface. The resulting image is made up of a combination of haloing ink and varying degrees of pressure from the stratographic matrix.

Creating Photopolymer Relief Plates pdf
A guide to creating artwork and exposing polymer relief plates, for printing and debossing.

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