Relief Print Resources

Students must complete an induction in the relevant print technique before using any equipment in this workshop. If you have any questions regarding the use of the facilities or inductions, or regarding any printmaking matters please contact me via email .

The Alexandra Press and Corinium Press booking sheets are located next to the presses, web-based booking is no longer available.

Printmaking Technician: Andy Reaney email:||yenaeR.P.A


Introduction To Relief Printing pdf
A basic guide to relief printing, covering materials, tools and basic printing techniques.

Techniques For Cutting pdf
A brief overview of different cutting styles.

Burnishing - Hand Printing pdf
Useful for taking proofs during the early development of a block or, it can be employed during the printing stage allowing for a variety of tonal qualities to be pulled from a single block.

Colour Reduction Process pdf
This method allows for multi colour images to be created from a single block.

Multiblock Print Method [ pdf]
Multi colour printing from 2 or more blocks.


Pressure Printing pdf
Pressure printing is an alternative image-making technique by which a flexible plate (stratographic matrix) is placed behind the printing paper and run over a inked surface. The resulting image is made up of a combination of haloing ink and varying degrees of pressure from the stratographic matrix.

Creating Photopolymer Relief Plates pdf
A guide to creating artwork and exposing polymer relief plates, for printing and debossing.

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