School FAQ's

FAQ's from around the School

  1. I have not used a Mac before how do I use it ?
    • Have a look at this great resource from Apple Mac 101
    • Already know windows back to front check out this Mac Switching Guide Switch 101
  2. How do I log in to the Macs and Windows machines ?
    • Your ID is you username e.g. jess65
  3. How do I get help to unjam a printer or get paper/toner ?
    • iSolutions provide WSA general IT services like this call 25656 from the nearest WSA phone
  4. What time is the Fabric Shop open ?
    • See the Shop opening hours page Shops
  5. How do I take a screenshot (picture of the desktop) on the Mac ?
    • Apple + Shift + 3 (all the screen) or Apple + Shift + 4 (for a selection, drag mouse) You should now find the new file on the desktop as picture001.png or 002 etc.
  6. What time is the Creative Serivices Centre Open ?
    • See the info on the Shops
  7. What is the score with printing across campus ?
    • You print to a generic queue and then release you print to any printer, this means you can print from any printer in the school immediately, however you do have only 4hrs to release it otherwise it will go, that does mean you have plenty of time to walk to the library, the computer centres, the mac suite or any other printer location.
  8. How much does it cost for Laser printing ?
  9. How much does it cost for Large format printing ?
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