SnoWhite Payment Guide

How to pay after submitting your file:

  1. Regularly check your job status and wait for it to say 'Pending Payment' in 'My Prints'.
  2. Once your job status says 'Pending Payment' go to your ‘My Payments’.
  3. Click on the the ‘View Ref’ link of the relevant payment reference to pay. The link within will take you to the Online Store.
  4. Input the exact amount requested and then fill in the correct details in the questionnaire that follows to complete the payment.

Your print job will be queued with a unique 'Job ID' and you will see an estimated cost for that individual print job. CSC staff will check your print(s) and if all is correct the final cost is confirmed and your job status briefly becomes 'Cost Confirmed'.

If there are any issues with your file the status will change to 'On Hold' and you will receive an email.

Once the cost is confirmed CSC staff will be able to create payment reference for your print job. If you have multiple print jobs they will likely be combined into one payment reference. Once the payment reference has been created then the status of your job(s) becomes 'Pending Payment'.

You must then go to 'My Payments' on SnoWhite where you should see the pending payment reference in a list.

Click 'View Ref' on the relevant payment reference and from there you should see a button that says 'CLICK HERE TO PAY'. You will be taken to the Online Store where you can input the requested amount, not forgetting to include your 'Payment ID' in the questionnaire at the end of the checkout process.

Upon receiving the confirmation email from the Online Store, and once we have cross-referenced the details, we will set the payment reference to 'Complete'. At the same time the associated print job(s) will be set to 'Processing'. If there have been any issues then the status for each will remain unchanged and we will email you.

Your job(s) will then be produced and once they are ready for collection they will have the status of 'Printed' in your 'My Prints'.

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