Sound and Vision 09

A screening of digital films and music visualisation

Inspirational shorts for students working within the field of digital film.

Sound and Vision 09 is based on an original screening curated by Jason Wilson and Adam Procter.

This updated selection of short was for a Winchester School of Art Project called Sound Bite, the project is to produce a 30 second piece of sound-driven moving image. The brief is open but a piece of sound must be the starting point. The sound can be anything. You can create it, find it, record it or commission it. It could part of a music track or it could be dialogue.

For this particular screening Rob Munday writer, independent film maker aided in updating the selection.

Sound and Vision 09 is a screening of short works that use a range of techniques to integrate and transform music within primarily digitally animated works. Whether or not these works are abstract or generative, all of them possess the unsettling affective power that many recent works of visualization share.

The films screened in the following order although this was not a curated order. All in all a pretty demanding 90 minute screening but well worth the effort !

Title Artist Link
A Silver Mt Zion Kurtis Hough
Spiral flowers
Glimpse of light Alex-Glawion
A glimpse into the creation of the Universe or maybe the atoms inside us all
Whats a Girl To Do Bat For Lashes
BMX's, furry heads, a great tune, you can't ask for more, well add in some tricks sync'd to the beats and your done
Carbon Footprint Jelly Fish
Fantastic visuals convey a simple but important message, the links here includes making off details and videos
Ted 1stAveMachine
visit or
E-sign Chris Larkee
This piece combines a range of influences- Kubrick, Kraftwerk, panel van airbrush art - to produce a spacey, airy, upbeat slice of abstract sci-fi. Look, and listen, to the skies !
Page 3 Fantomas
Scream and shout, classic Punk style rocking !
George Bush singing Sunday Bloody Sunday
A Classic in 21st Century mashup and voice on politics, video is the new written word
Park Foot Ball Grant Orchard
As a piece of narrative, this film is the soul of simplicity, chronicling a game of football in a park. Its interest lies in its clever use of found sound.
Honda Dream Honda
Ionisation Flat-e
Flat-e's nightmare creatures come to us from our bad dreams
Jesse Graham Wood
Graham Wood, from tomato, provides enough murk and confusion here to perfectly accompany Scott Walker's lament for Elvis Presley's stillborn twin. The few recognisable shapes are iconic rather than figurative, and for the most part the piece calls to mind the intricate pattern-making of Islamic Art. An earthy colour palette and odd textures make this film unsettling but compelling.
Meischeid Matray
Audio Generated video
House of Cards Radiohead
No cameras or lights were used. Instead two technologies were used to capture 3D images: Geometric Informatics and Velodyne LIDAR.
Rootsnine Monkeymen
Familiar forms from nature, politics and everyday life are forced into new configurations on an antiseptically white background. Cascades of dollar bills, death heads and elephants are melded or a film which is part political commentary, part post-Photoshop apocalypse
SchnittMenge Spenza
Spenza's distinctly architectural abstraction is mercilessly hammered and shaken by a barnstorming drum and bass track. This is film as four-dimensional design: "Schnittmenge' rocks the CADstation.
Owl Emmanuel Ho
Emmanuels Ho's 'Owl' is an unagruable masterpiece of digital animation. The Subtle textural effects, the minimal but effective narrative, and the mood of dread - enhanced by the sound track music - all contribute to a short, but incandescent filmic experience.
Slow Life Dylan Jones
Together with the Super Furry Animals languid neopsychedelia, the visuals in this film are homage and response to the acid-fried audiovisual culture of the 1960's underground. Heat cameras and digital editing tools are the means, the result is trippy, fluid and gorgeous.
Social Life With Friends alan lastufka
BLURB to be written
The Exploding Psychology Effekt
One of two films from the Danish Collective Effekt has a landscape of angular wireframes and piercing laser beams twisting and shaking in response to the skittering beats and glitches of UK noisemeister, Squarepusher. Clearly informed by the groups background as club VJs, this is startling generative work.
Subprime Beeple
Hand animated 3d houses build and dismantle as we see the increased sprawl/size of our American homes in front of our very eyes, prime real estate
Silent Shout Andreas Nilsson music by The Knife
Nilsson's disturbing clip for The Knife's song of the same name combines generative abstraction and come truly creepy figurative work. An unusual combination of two visual styles.
Bathroom Noodle
Still images to a short poem, throw in system voice fred and a fantastic range of creative commons images and you have one sublime short
Top and Bottom Jelle Pothoven
Part of a vimeo 1 minute group. With the chaos of everyday life consuming our senses, it is nice to sit back and enjoy moments and experiences that are often overlooked. This project aims to study the forgotten moments and times in life that we often pass by without acknowledging. The rules: Video must be exactly one minute long,No camera movement (no panning, tilting, etc),No editing whatsoever,Use original sound,Tag with '1 minute'
Trion Karl Kliem
Karl Kliems painterly, monochrome abstraction is here tied generatively to a spare piano/glitch work by composer Ryuchi Sakamoto. Deceptively simple, haunting and affecting.
Ephemeral Structures Field
Art film for Nokia's "Beautiful Connections" campaign
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