Photography Studio Bookings

This is the old bookings page, useful to keep as an archived backup
Studio bookings are closed until after hand in. This page will be back up and running on Friday 9th June. Please check back then.
Please do not e-mail directly to make bookings. Just wait for the forms to be back up and running again.

1. View the calendars below to find a time that is free.
2. Fill out your details on the e-mail submission form.

or visit David Clark in the Photo Media Office to book a studio in person.

Terms & Conditions

  • Booking requests must be sent 24hrs in advance.
  • You must have received a Flash Studio Induction in order to book either of the Photo Studios
  • You must have received a Video Studio Induction in order to book the Video Studio
  • Photography Studios can only be booked Monday - Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm
  • Food & drink is not permitted in the Photo Studios
  • If you are consuming food or drink you will be asked to leave the studio immediately.
  • No use of aerosols or smoke machines is allowed.
  • You must not mark the backdrop paper with dirty shoes

Induction Required

In order to book any of the studios, you must have received the relevant induction. This is for your own safety. Additionally, the studios contain equipment that can be difficult to use correctly if you have not been inducted.
If you have not had an induction and wish to use the studios, you must first contact your tutor. They can then timetable in an induction later in the semester. Due to timetable constraints, it is not always possible to arrange additional inductions. You may need to make alternative arrangements.

Book a studio

Please include your full soton e-mail address in the booking form. We won't be able to book the studios if there is no valid e-mail address to verify against.
We will e-mail you if your booking is successful. If you do not receive an e-mail within 24hrs, please contact||kralC.evaD

e-mail address
Please use address
Extra comments
I confirm I have received an induction
You must have received an induction to book a studio

Available Studios


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