Converting a DVD to a Quicktime movie

Time Based Media: Converting a DVD to a Quicktime movie

This guide will give you step-by-step instructions to converting a DVD to a Quicktime movie using MPEG Streamclip.

It is not always necessary to do this in order to re-edit a video. Some applications such as Final Cut Pro will allow you to import the VOB files (from the VIDEO_TS folder on a DVD) without converting them first. You should copy them to the computer and import them from here - don't import them directly from the DVD.

MPEG Streamclip is a free video converter for Mac and Windows. You can download it for use on your own computer by following the link at the bottom of this page. It can convert between lots of formats and is a great alternative to using QuickTime Pro for converting media files.


  1. Copy the VIDEO_TS folder or a single VOB file from the DVD to the computer. See the FAQs at the bottom of the page to find out which VOB file you need.
  2. Open MPEG Streamclip from the Applications folder in Macintosh HD:
  3. Choose File > Open DVD and select the VIDEO_TS folder or a VOB file from the computer:
  4. If you select a VIDEO_TS folder that contains more than one video, you can choose which video to open:
  5. The video will open in the main window where you can play it or scrub through it:
  6. If you want, you can select an In point and Out point to trim the video so that only a section is converted. Position the playhead and choose Edit > Select In or Edit > Select Out. In the image below, the In is set at 12 seconds and the Out is set at 25 seconds:
  7. Choose File > Export to QuickTime and set the following options:
  8. Click Options and choose whether the video is standard 4:3 or widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio:
  9. Click Make Movie. Name the file, choose a save location and click Save:


  • Always copy either the whole VIDEO_TS folder, or the required VOB file to the computer and convert this, not the files on the DVD. Trying to convert the files directly from the DVD will probably cause MPEG Streamclip to freeze.
  • You can convert the VOB file to a format other than DV-PAL by choosing a different compression setting, or a different export setting from the File menu.
  • If you choose to open a VOB file and get a message about opening it as a DVD, click Yes.
  • If you get a message about timecode errors, click Fix Now.


Q: What is a VOB file (.VOB)?
A: VOB stands for Video Object and is the file type used to store the video/audio data on a video DVD to ensure compatibility with all DVD Players. The other two types of file in the VIDEO_TS folder on the DVD are IFO and BUP. IFO stands for Information and gives the DVD player info about the VOB files. BUP stands for Backup and is a backup (copy) of the IFO file so the player can still play the DVD should the IFO file become unreadable.
Q: How do I know which VOB file I want?
A: The first video on the DVD will be called VTS_01_1.VOB. The second video will be called VTS_02_1.VOB. And so on.


MPEG Streamclip webpage

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