ETill - Loan and Sales System
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TechShop: Using the ETill at WSA

ETill is the name of the system WSA uses to manage all our loan and sale of specialist equipment and products.

For example all your SnoWhite prints are charged via the ETill system as are Yarn and Fashion Store sales.

All Loans are managed by the ETill from Fine Art and Media Stores

Some key features for you;

  • You now top up your ETill account online
  • You can see your complete user account history
  • You can view what items we currently loan and sell from our Specialist WSA Locations*

Wiki Based Guide

To top up your account so you can purchase from our WSA Specialist Store's

  1. Visit
  2. Log in with your University username and password
  3. Select Account Statement & Top Up (on the left)
  4. Select Top Up Your Account

Please note you can no longer top up at the finance office within WSA.


My account is not working ?
Please contact iSolutions


You must have money on your account before you submit Snowhite jobs



Etill Poster
Downloadable PDF


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