Saving your Files

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When saving work you should ensure it is saved correctly to the right location. Within WSA we have a few options to choose from to enable you to work the most effectively.


Your Network Account (your University home filestore)

You are all given a network account and some university space that you can use whenever you log into a Mac or PC and this will 'follow' you around. Although these files are safely stored you must backup you work onto USB memory stick, external Harddrive or CD, not having a backup of your work will not given you an extension on deadlines.

Saving files within Finder on the mac you are likely to start by clicking on your home folder once here you shuld only save work to the following locations.

  • Desktop
  • Documents
  • Pictures
  • Music
  • Movies

Once inside these locations you can create any folder structure you like. Files saved outside these will be deleted at log out.

WSA Sunday & WSA Projects

What are these other icons on my desktop ? WSA Sunday (deleted every Sunday) and WSA Projects (deleted once a semester) are network based large storage, bigger than the your own personal account and are designed for storing larger files in a safe location for backup or retrieval later. These network drives are used to keep files for a short period whilst working on them or a temporary location before you can backup or burn the files onto disk/memory stick. Both drives are split into unique folders with your username to keep your files neat and tidy.


Want to keep something you downloaded ?
Everytime you download a file by default it is saved into Downloads, you need to drag and drop this into one of the locations above to save it to your own account, otherwise it will be removed at log in.

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