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TechShop:Setting up indexhibit

You will need to get your self some web hosting from any number of web hosting sites, however they must offer the following for indexhibit

  • Linux/Apache server
  • PHP4+
  • MySQL 3.23+

Download the indexhbit files from here
Printable install instructions can be found here

Video on basic set up and adding basic Pages

(watch out they both start playing so make sure you stop one of them !!)


How do I set up my database name on a server ?
You may have cpanel and then you can use the mysql wizard which will let you choose the name of the database, the database user and password.
You might not have this option and will then have to use phpmyadmin to create a database and user the username and password as provided by your hosting provider.

** It does not accept my database settings ? **
You may find that your database name should just be localhost rather than, also check your database username and password are as provided or as set up with your host, some add details to the username you pick for example you type in username dave and you host may adjust this to myservername_dave.

I am up and running how do I add pages and content ? - start here - video on adding exhibits

Where is my Admin pages ? (the place you add pages etc.)
It is in unless you installed indexhibit into a folder and then it is

Where is my site ? - unless you installed indexibit into folder on your server then it would be


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