PAT testing your equipment

Portable Appliance Test

By law, all electrical equipment of your own (ie: not provided by the School) that you bring into the School for use that plugs into the mains MUST be PAT (Portable Appliance Test) tested before it can be used. This includes items that are to be onsite for a while or may only be onsite for a very short period; extension leads, kettles, radios, dvd equipment Certain items are exempt from testing, which are mains adaptors for laptops, PDA's, portable hard drives and mobile phone chargers
The School provides PAT testing onsite with various technicains, however we would encourage you to take your equipment to Media Stores.

During busy periods like the degree show you may also contact Chris Carter, Mark Adams, Leesa Miller or Natalie Jones, all of which are qualified to PAT test equipment. We will advertise time slots to facilitate this as efficiently as possible.

You must not use any equipment in the School before it is PAT tested, and any items that are found in use without PAT test stickers on will be immediately removed by staff. The equipment will then only be released on the understanding that it is immediately taken home or is immediately taken to be tested.

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