Wireless at WSA (Mac)

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This guide will help you connect to wireless from a Mac computer across campus

Wiki Based Guide

1.Click the Airport icon (top right – looks like a Radar)
2.Select Turn airport On
3.From the drop down list select ISS (the radar will now show signal strength by blacking out some of the radar line)  - could have some images for this ?
4.Open a Browser (Safari or firefox)
5.Log in with your university username and password


I want to use MSN, Adium or other services that say I am not connected to the internet but I am ?
You need a secure connection see links below on VPN


The better signal strength the faster your connection


Eduroam + VPN + Wireless Printing Auto Setup
Eduroam Manual Setup
VPN Manual Setup
Eduroam Wireless Network at WSA
VPN Guide for 10.5

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