Illustrator Seamless Repeat

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To create a repeatable pattern in Illustrator CS3 you create the 'module' that would then be repeated either in illustrator or when printing onto fabric. A module is a repeatable square.

Video Tutorial


  1. Start a new document for example 10cm x 10cm
  2. Design your repeat
    1. Do not forget the edges need to be the same and use the align and distibute panel to help
  3. Create a Square
    1. Click the rectangle tool
    2. Click once and input 10 cm x 10cm
    3. Now move this square into place and cut (Apple + X)
  4. Paste this square to the back (Apple + B)
  5. Now convert the fill to No Fill (/)
  6. Select All (Apple + A)
  7. Drag and drop the selection into the swatches panel.
  8. Your module is now complete
    1. Check the repeat by creating a new shape and fill it with your pattern.


My repeat has a white space around it and does not connect at the edges ?
You may have not performed the Paste to Back correctly, make sure you follow the step closely


Make sure the edges all match up.
Check you module before you export by filling another shape in Illustrator.


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