Mimaki Printing (Digital Fabric Printing)

Mimaki Printing

Location Eastside 1017

Creating a file for the Mimaki printer is no different than for a Paper based printing at WSA, the final file you submit for printing is still a PDF, however we have a colour sample file to aid with colour accuracy and this guide is based on using the file to get some colour control.

Whenever printing on the Mimaki you MUST always submit a 10 cm test strip (length), this could be a section from your final design or a strip made up of the colours within your design, this MUST be on your final choice of fabric as there is approx 13 types with different colour variations, this will allow you to see your colour output for consideration before your final print.

The RGB Colour Book

This is the file printed onto the various fabrics in E1017, remember the colour on screen is not necessarly the colour that will print on the fabric, you need to look at the printed fabrics in room E1017.


Download the RGB Colour Book
(ctrl or right click image above and pick save as or download)


To use the RGB Colour book and control your colour output on the Mimaki your artwork must be RGB.

Using the RGB Colour Book

Step 1 Open the RGB Colour Book file in Photoshop
Do not colour convert in anyway
Step 2 Use the eye dropper tool to colour pick from the swatches and use the colour in your artwork.

Making a new File in Photoshop

Step 1 Open Photoshop
Step 2 File > New
Step 3 Setup your document dimensions
Step 4 Make sure Colour Mode is RGB
Step 5 In the advanced settings choose SRGB IEC61966-2.1
Step 6 Click Ok


I picked the colours but it was still not right ?
You must make sure your document is RGB.

I want to use more colours than the RGB Colour Book ?
You can of course use any colours you like, however for any colour accuracy you should print a test strip with your colours and the fabric you wish to use and then you will be able to see the output


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