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This guide will help you make a seamless repeat in Photoshop.

Sample to create Seamless Repeat Design


Step 1. Open the sample image. (500px by 500px 72 dpi .jpg image - this is not a printable version)

Step 2. To create a seamless repeat you must offset the image to do this you need to know the document dimensions.

Step 3. Image -> Image Size. Looking at the pixel dimensions work out what half of this is for width and height, and make a note of it. (in this instance it is 250px by 250px)

Step 4. Make sure the layer that you want to offset is selected, then select Filter -> Other -> Offset.
N.B. If you have a number of different layers, you will have to offset them individually unless you choose to flatten your layers.

Step 5. In the dialogue box enter the dimensions you noted earlier (half your document size (250px)), make sure the wrap around button is ticked.

Step 6. Your image should then be a repeatable seamless tile for printing onto fabric or repeating anywhere !repeat002.jpg


I have a more complex pattern what do I need to do?
A lot of the time it is starting with the above steps and then cleaning up the middle lines (hiding the edges)



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