Workshop Availability

Below you can view the availability of the WSA Workshops, the workshops will be closed for your safety if there is not a member of staff present to provide supervision.

Normal opening times for workshops are 09:00 to 17:00

Workshop list
Painting workshop* (1061e) Wood workshop* (1063e)
Printmaking** (1023e) Sculpture workshop* (1047e)
Foundry (1045e) Print room (2047e)
Dye Lab 1 (2049e) Dye Lab 2 (1077e)
Laundry (1079e) Textile Embellishment (2041e)
Knit (2023/2025e) Weave (1039/2035e)
Fashion Workshops (3001/2015a)

* Closed every Tuesday 9:45-10
** Open 9:30 - 17:00 (except Tuesday open from 10)
*** Open 9:30- 17:30 (except Tuesday open from 10)

Workshops Overall timetable

Christmas - Closed
Easter - Open (except where closures because of scheduled maintenance or staff leave arise)
Summer - Closed except for relevant PGT and PGR students (i.e. not available for use by current undergraduate students)

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