WSA Technical Services & Digital Resources

A dedicated specialist team of onsite technicians (WSA Technical Services) and Serviceline (iSolutions) the University’s central support team support Winchester School of Art (WSA).

The WSA Technical Services team is on hand to help with the use of equipment, software and training. Throughout your course you will probably get to know all the technicians. Although each member of support has their specialised areas of knowledge, they have a broad understanding of many issues across the whole curriculum – if they cannot help then they know a (wo) man that can.
This introduction is designed to let you know whom we are, how to get support and some information to get you started.

We offer a large variety of specialist services for WSA students, which include:

  • Dedicated computer network storage for each student.
  • Short-term loan of specialist equipment, ranging from welding equipment, digital audio recorders, cameras, tripods, lighting and much much more.
  • On site digital colour printing facilities for all types of work from essays to large format artwork.
  • Specialist offsite printing submission and delivery service from Southampton Print Centre.
  • Photography Studios.
  • Screen Printing, Dyeing and Fabric workshops.
  • Specialist on site Mimaki Digital Textile Printing.
  • Specialist on site Shima Seiki Digital Knitting.
  • Dedicated fine art, design and fashion studios and workshops.

The first thing to understand is the distinct difference between Serviceline and WSA Technical Services. Serviceline provide support for WSA with regards to general IT and AV issues where as WSA Technical Services provide support for the curriculum and your creative activities.

A good example of this might be:
You cannot log into your University computer account - Serviceline
You need to adjust a digital photograph - WSA Technical Services

25656 (internal calls)
+44 (0)23 8059 5656 (external calls)

For all your general IT/AV related support students can contact Serviceline from the conveniently placed university phones or via email.

ServiceLine is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 6.00pm on each day that the University is open. Serviceline endeavour to answer queries immediately. If your query does require specialist WSA technical support, you can be assured that you will be pointed in the right direction for the best possible support.

Subscribing and Enrolling
Whether you are a new member of staff or a new student to the University, you need to create your computing account using the web self-registration system Subscribe. Once you have subscribed you will have access to your University email account, be able to log onto a University computer and have access to a wide range of other services provided by Serviceline and the University.

Subscribe is available from any networked computers on or off campus and only takes about 10 minutes to register your details. Your email address is based on your username taking the format of||emanresu.

For new students, please follow the Enrolment procedure issued with your University joining instructions.

As well as your user account and email, access to the University portal, SUSSED is another important service. This provides you with a personalized view of the web resources that are available to you as a member of the University. Once you have logged in, you can use email, e-learning resources (Blackboard), or any of the University administrative services that are available to support students and staff. Selecting the school tab within SUSSED will display resources and links to information and documents specifically for WSA Students.

Purchasing your own Computer whilst at WSA

The University of Southampton has Nation wide agreements for purchasing computers at WSA we would recommend that you purchase an Apple Computer.

WSA Technical Services - Digital Support:
WSA Technical Services offer on site support for digital resources in a broad range of hardware and software, specifically from a creative point of view. Throughout WSA you will find over 100 computers, numerous laser printers and other digital equipment for use by any WSA student. We have a number documents online just for WSA at the WSA TechShop:Wiki -

The wiki is a resource that contains open access to online documentation specifically created for WSA students, students are also encourage contribute there own findings to the wiki.

Our computer facilities are made of 3 distinct groups.

Social Computing - These computers situated in open locations like ‘Lattes’ and other lobby spaces especially for quick access to email, web and general use.
Learning Computing - The majority of our computers are Apple Macs situated in open access computer studios, your own design studios and teaching spaces and are for the creating digital work at WSA.
Specialist Computing - These machines are found in Studio locations connected to specialist equipment like our Shima Seiki knitting machine.

Your studio will be the first port of call for your computing needs however see the campus map.

The following information relates to some of of our key digital resources at WSA. This is not an exhaustive list of our services.

Digital Printing

Printing Guides
Digital printing at WSA could not be easier. We have a number of services on site and have links to our own Southampton Print Centre and local businesses. Printing is campus and university wide and so no matter what computer you log into you will always be able to print out that much needed essay or full colour poster.

Laser Printing. (Self service) - Managed by iSolutions

Flow Chart
We have two virtual laser print queues 'Colour' and 'Mono'. A well prepared PDF is the best way to print, all you need to do is send your PDF to the queue and log on to any of the numerous printers around campus and your file will be printing immediately, you do however have up to 4 hours to release the print, so you can send a number of files to print and pick them up later, very helpful for sending prints to the library for example. This service is designed for high end laser printing up to A3 for presentations of art work, colour proofs, essays and general day to day printing. There is a small charge per print. You can also use your own laser paper and laser acetate.

Specialist Printing. (Bureau) - Managed by WSA Technical Services

Flow Chart
We offer online submission of PDF files for either the WSA Printing service ‘Snowhite’ or the University Print Centre both systems are convenient and easy to use. These services are run as print bureau’s and due to the high quality of these services all printing has a minimum turn around time. These services are for high end ink jet printing, large format, specialist papers, ridged materials, wallpaper and other special items like business cards, books and more. This service is designed for high end finished products. There are varying costs depending on output.

Mimaki Digital Textile Printing. (Bureau) - Managed by WSA Technical Services
We offer online submission of PDF files for either the WSA Printing service ‘Snowhite’ This service is run as print bureau’s and due to the high quality of the printing there is a minimum turn around time.

Winchester Printing

External Printing
We also have student discount with various local printers in Winchester, so if you just require some digital snaps from your digital camera perhaps visiting the local shops may be the best and most affordable solution.

Creative Services Centre

1071 Eastside
Opening Times: See local notices.

The Creative Services Centre is the collection point for submitted specialist digital prints and laser cutting via either ‘Snowhite’ or Southampton Print Centre. You will also find the Creative Services Centre open throughout the year to offer support on all kinds of digital work.

Media Stores

1195 Westside
Opening Times: See local notices.

Our Media Stores loan a vast array of IT media equipment and resources, from 35mm Cameras to HD Camcorders. Depending on your course of study and training received you will be able to loan equipment at no cost to use on your projects. Failure to return equipment on time will affect other students. Late returns of equipment will incur a penalty. You will also find the Media Stores open throughout the year to offer support on all kinds of digital work.

Mimaki Digital Textile Printing

1019 Eastside
We have our own onsite state of the art digital textile printing. Details above.

Shima Seiki Digital Knitting

2025/2043 Eastside
Our state of the art digital knitting machine allows trained students to take any number of digital designs into knitted garments.

Unofficial WSA Student Digital Places

Know Your WSA Technical Services Team

We support over 1600 students, over 130 staff, various computers, numerous and diverse pieces of equipment so sometimes you may have to be patient for your support, please check the support links for documents, guides or advice that might help you. Always ask you peers, Google search it and check out the library books! If your still stuck please post an open question on the WSA TechShop:Wiki and we will answer it as best we can - we may even make a brand new guide for it to benefit others.

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